bill conference
[ideas are easy. making things is hard.]
October 4, 2014
Richmond, VA

What is bill conference?

bill is an unconference about making things, especially very small simple things. We'll talk about goals and failures and the humility of getting through the day. What it takes to craft something you want to share with the world and what happens when things go horribly wrong.

Got an unfinished Project of Shame lurking in your basement or on your hard drive?

So do we. Let's talk about it.

We like it when people talk about:

The coffee table you finally made after the lumber sat in your shed for 2 years

A hobby that took over your life until you had to put it to sleep like a rabid animal

Why you never update your blog anymore

A passion that turned into your own (mostly) successful business

Overcoming an addiction to lifehacking

Schedule & Registration

  • 8:30am Breakfast
  • 9:00am Fill out the schedule
  • 9:15am Sessions begin
  • 1:00pm Lunch break

We hope you'll plan to have lunch with friends from bill conference before moving on with the rest of your day's plans.

Registration Includes

  • bagels
    Yummy breakfast
  • nametag
    (not fancy)
  • the fonz
    cool points
  • trophy
    Guaranteed success*
* Success not actually guaranteed. Sorry.

Speaking at bill conference

At 9:00am, anyone who would like to speak will be invited to step up and claim a 30-minute slot on the board. Together, we'll create the schedule for the day.

Slides not required. Prepared presentations with slides are fine*, but feel free to simply share about your own experiences, tools you like, problems you've overcome, or things you've learned or made. (Just don't try to sell your products or services—that's not cool.) Small team presentations are also welcome. You can check out a list of presentation formats here.

Let your audience do the talking for you. We encourage you to not spend the whole 30 minutes talking—unconferences are an opportunity for everyone to participate. Work at involving the audience and get a discussion going. We'd love for you to spend 15 minutes presenting, then spend the rest of the time taking questions so we can all learn from each other.

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